This uniquely shaped Azurite is from none other than the spectacular Tsumeb, Namibia.  It is a classic from a classic location.  It is like an Azurite with an attitude, if you will, in that is sprawls out in every direction.  The piece is hard to photograph, as are many from this species of mineral, yet it has very good color AND aesthetics that will not stop.  The luster is impressive especially for Azurite crystals this big.  Did we mention that the largest and most prominent crystal is just over 7.0 cm long...?  

This one is a show stopper.  Especially for the price!


Specimen size (approximately):

9 X 7.2 x 3 cm

Acrylic base for display purposes only.

Wooden stand provided by TM Carvings (
For display purposes only.

 ** [Please click on photograph to enlarge]**

International customers please inquire on shipping rates.

$ 2,100.00

Tags: African minerals, Azurite, Namibia, Tsumeb

Type: Azurite

SKU: EDS120-004

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