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My husband, Eddie, was born in Bisbee, Arizona where he grew up amidst a wondrous world of minerals. From the eloquent copper sulfide minerals, to the AMAZING oxide carbonates, it seemed that every miner's home had a collection of minerals representing every color in the rainbow.

Being a fourth generation to work in the mines (his great grandfather, both of his grandfathers, his father and uncles from both sides of his family preceded him); his interest in the colorful minerals seemed natural albeit he was the only one in the family to be interested enough to actually study and collect them.

I met my husband some twenty plus years ago.   He quickly introduced me to his lifelong passion... MINERALS.  Needless to say I was quickly hooked and there was no turning back!   I had no idea of the beauty that lies below the earth's surface.  I continue to be amazed by the wonders of the minerals in this world.   When we are out exploring it is hard to say who is looking at rocks more!

Our goal is to share our passion for minerals with others.  We hope that you will enjoy the minerals listed on our pages.  They have each been photographed in natural light and none have been photo enhanced.  Each is fascinating in its own way.  Our hope is that you take the time to browse at your leisure and that you will return often.  

Have minerals to sell...?  Please give us a shout.  We purchase singles, flats or whole collections!

Our mission is simple; To provide high quality products and service to our customers at the best value possible.
We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer satisfaction and in the products we sell.

We ship all our orders out each Monday unless otherwise noted.  International customers, please inquire at bisbeeborn@gmail.com for shipping rates.


Kind Regards,


Therese / Bisbeeborn



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